Press Photos 053_2_2For 25 years, Dmae Roberts has made a living producing and writing award-winning radio programs and stage plays. She has successfully navigated the non-profit world to fund her artistic projects and created an independent business as a freelance writer and producer. Funding Your Bliss highlights some of her experiences and offers helpful hints and success stories from her own life as well as others in creative class professions.

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“Times are indeed tougher now, but I believe one can create paid work using one’s talent and entrepreneurship. I will offer my experiences and those of other creatives in a variety of fields. It is my intention with this blog to stimulate some ideas inspire new avenues for people who might want to choose a different path, one that is creative and sometimes courageous, a path toward funding your bliss.”

Dmae with Alaska Teen Media Institute

Dmae with Alaska Teen Media Institute

More about Dmae from past posts:

When I tell people what I do, often their eyes glaze over. It’s always been difficult to explain how I have juggled all my projects throughout the years. Because I have so many varied interests as a writer, an actor, a playwright, radio producer, essayist, and multimedia artist, I have worn a great many hats in my work. Add to that the roles of grantwriter, marketer and bookkeeper, then no wonder it’s hard to share my “profession” with people I meet. 

Yet I’ve made a living for 25 years on funding my passions for creating multicultural artist works.

An independent artist is a walking talking store of potential products waiting to be created. I can tell you how to leverage all your talents into a a paying project but first, I ask you, do you know what you want to do?

What are your talents? What do you feel passionately about that you would dedicate a portion of your life (and sometimes your sanity) to making a lifestyle of it? 

For me “funding my bliss” isn’t a 9-5 five day a week job. I don’t even consider it a job. It’s my lifestyle, my calling and my passion. It requires creativity and planning to match your passions, your talent with a certain business sense in order to fund it.

So what is it you really want to do?